Commercial interests face increased challenges in the modern world, especially when operating in less established regions. From multinational corporations, to services firms, special events and private individuals, risk mitigation has become a necessary part of business continuity planning.

OSSI is an experienced and pragmatic partner with a broad understanding of risk mitigation functions. We are focused on supporting our clients to achieve their operational objectives and offer a customizable approach and turnkey support solutions. From project planning, initial market or country entry support, to operational or mission support, logistics and long-term security monitoring, OSSI provides dependable service and responsive customer interface. We have secured everything from a single VIP individual to massive countrywide operations and understand that partnering with a security provider requires trust and confidence.

For the analysis for risk at the project or corporate level, OSSI conducts comprehensive Security Vulnerability Assessments, helping companies to understand their vulnerabilities and allow them to apply resources to mitigate those risks. In today’s business environment, any impact to operations poses wide-ranging consequences and, where feasible, mitigating strategies should be implemented.