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The search for energy resources has expanded the geographic reach of International Oil Companies and bought them to the economic frontiers of the developing world. In some cases, these expeditionary operations have brought the industry to challenging regions of the globe, where political division, armed conflict and social unrest are prevalent. These factors, coupled with bureaucratic or inefficient government systems, limited national security and a still-developing local economy, create a particularly challenging risk environment. Moreover, the massive investment required to tap into these markets makes a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy essential.

OSSI specializes in operating in such environments and it is our responsibility to ensure that our clients safely and effectively achieve their performance objectives. Having operated extensively in the oil & gas industry, serving the worlds largest oil majors, we have developed in-depth understanding of the special requirements that are necessitated by such operations.

Workplace liabilities and environmental impact also play a major role in the performance metrics of IOCs and their service providers. OSSI’s comprehensive Health Safety, Security and Environment Plan meets the standards required by the industry and our personnel are trained to adhere to a high-level of service. We ensure that our personnel have all the safety or medical qualifications to meet the requirements of the project and position.

OSSI offers a comprehensive service portfolio of security, intelligence, logistics and support services to the oil & gas industry. From secure transportation and logistics to life support and camp management, we provide a turnkey solution to operate effectively and safely in austere environment. Where possible, we utilize local resources to further benefit the economic impact of projects for the local communities.