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Founded in 2000, Overseas Security & Strategic Information (“OSSI”) has many years of experience providing support services to the international community. The company operates on a diverse portfolio of security, intelligence and logistics services in some of the most austere locations on earth. We are experienced, innovative, pragmatic and adaptive in our tactics and operational approach. Our performance history has afforded OSSI the reputation as one of the most trusted international security providers.

OSSI has been entrusted to secure billions of dollars of assets and in each case has ensured that the project proceeds to a successful completion. Our systems and tactics have been tried and tested in some of the most volatile locations on the globe and our past performance is evidence of our ability to successfully manage complex operations. Through our operations in varied environments, we have developed a capacity to operate globally.

From the protection of a single individual, to massive countrywide operations, partnering with a security provider requires trust and confidence. OSSI understands the responsibility of providing mission critical services and treats each project with care and diligence. We work to develop long-term relationships with our clients, becoming part of their team to facilitate smooth operations wherever possible. We go above and beyond basic mission requirements, with the understanding that our success is tied to that of our clients’.

OSSI exists to allow organizations to achieve their goals in the frontiers of the world. We provide risk mitigation, intelligence, supply chain management, and security operations management services to government, multinational corporations, aid organizations and private individuals. Operating throughout the world on security and logistics projects for over a decade, we offer a dynamic and responsive security partner, allowing our clients to best achieve their mission objectives.