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OSSI has helped support the work of non-governmental agencies and aid organizations operating in high-risk environments, where such services are often most critically needed. We have established special operations to provide turnkey transportation, logistics, life-support and security services at short notice to respond to humanitarian crisis.

Especially in post-conflict regions, the work of aid workers can face extreme challenges. OSSI’s role is to keep the personnel and projects operating safely and consistently. Part of our Core Values is to be a responsible global citizen and, as such, supporting the roles of those working to better the world gives OSSI gratification in what we do.

When an environmental disaster or humanitarian crisis occurs, OSSI is capable of deploying resources at short notice to make an immediate impact on people’s lives. From secure logistics and delivery of supplies to the establishment of remote medical facilities, we stand ready to respond. Moreover, OSSI’s cultural acuity developed from over a decade of global operations means that we seeks to portray a positive mission approach and supportive community relations, thus mirroring the goals of our clients.

OSSI established Remote Aid as a non-profit frontier aid and support organization that can utilize the already-established resources and network of OSSI to deliver critical support to those in need. Remote Aid’s mission is to assist people affected by conflict and civil unrest and to promote regional stability through grassroots initiatives and local partnerships.