OSSI’s mission is to create the optimal solution for each task, based on the parameter set out by the client and the environment in which they work. We approach each task as a unique requirement and first aim to understand the factors that will influence the success of the operation. We engage our clients to develop an in-depth understanding of their operational goals and the expectations of the service provider. Having gained knowledge of the requirements, timelines and liabilities, we assess the risk environment in comparison to the risk tolerance of the mission. To deliver the optimal solution, we strive to understand what key value drivers will most benefit our client, so that our services may be an imperative value-added addition to the project.

    • Operational Goals & Timelines
    • Service Expectations
    • Risk Tolerance
    • Risk Environment
    • Key Value Drivers


OSSI comprises of the highest caliber risk-mitigation and support service management personnel in the industry. Our mission is to provide a partner that can meet our clients’ dynamic needs in an effective and ethical manner. We seek to develop long-term relationships, going beyond the basic requirements of the job to ensure operational success. From highly specialized operations, to long duration projects, we remain dynamic and responsive. Our proposals are genuine and customized to provide an optimal service solution. Our specific attention to our clients’ mission objectives, sound planning and attention to detail consistently result in safe and secure mission execution. We are respectful, honest and direct.


OSSI has provided services globally since 2000. Throughout our years of operation, our cadre of experienced, culturally adept professionals have refined and improved their techniques and procedures to ensure that we provide the most contemporary approach to operate in any environment. We have worked in five continents, built exceptional capabilities to operate in the United States, Middle East, South Asia, Africa and South America, as well as supporting operations in Europe and Asia. In overseas operations, we believe in engaging the local community to build regional partnerships to augment our operational capabilities and national connections.


Being sensitive to cultural and social practices is vital to working in foreign environments. As such, OSSI prides itself on maintaining a sensitive cultural acuity and strict Code of Conduct to ensure that we reflect a positive image on both our own and our clients’ operations. We have extensive experience working remotely in a variety of foreign territories, collaborating and integrating with the local community to facilitate our operations in an appropriate and respectful manner, while at all times remaining acutely aware of regional security threats.