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Government agencies have increasingly benefited from the resources and specialized capabilities of the private sector to seek greater efficiency and deal with expansive and evolving global challenges. Along these lines, OSSI offers government clients with cutting-edge support service capabilities.

Force Protection, Critical Infrastructure and Logistics

Protecting critical infrastructure and ports of entry is fundamental to maintaining national security. OSSI offers facility management and guarding services to help secure sensitive assets. Our recruitment and training functions combined with detailed management systems ensure effective and accountable service delivery. Furthermore, through our technology industry partners, OSSI offers the highest-level information security and technology systems to augment our operational management.

For the US and coalition missions abroad, OSSI provides force protection to military facilities, supply-chain and logistics support, intelligence and training services. We have pioneered tactics and solutions to provide the most effective service in extremely challenging environments. Moreover, our company has successfully completed each mission in an ethical manner that develops goodwill and positive community relations.

Disaster Response & Incident Management

During environmental occurrences or security incidents, agencies from various government departments must operate jointly and collaborate effectively in their response to deploy assistance immediately. Designing an Incident Management and Crisis Response System that pragmatically organizes the roles & responsibilities, authorizations, systems and technology is critical to leading a successful incident response capability. Our team of security consultants helps implement systems and utilize services that allow for effective action on a national level.